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Thread: First time ice fishing ?

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    Default First time ice fishing ?

    I'm new to the anchorage area. I read somewhere on here that you could use shrimp for bait, with success. Has anyone tried using a larger sabiki rig? I've used it to catch white perch, that we used as bait for large catfish.

    Plus if anyone could help me find spots to fish or if u need someone to go out with.

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    Study your regulations book!

    You may not use live bait in fresh waters. However shrimp and single eggs work great under the ice.

    You may use a sabiki rig (up to 15 unbaited hooks) for catching herring in salt water (which must be dead prior to using as bait in fresh)

    There is a provision for pike that allows 2 hooks per line, but both hooks must be in a single piece of bait. Other multiple hook regulations apply based on the location you are going to fish and the species being targeted.

    Ice fishing in general allows the use of 2 separate lines and pike fishing allows 5 lines (e.g. 4 tip-ups and a regular pole per fisherman).

    See a list of ice fishing lakes to target at the following...
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    yea i read the single hook reg. this morning. Thx for the link


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