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Thread: Denali Highway Report 12/21 Cantwell to Alpine Creek Lodge

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    Default Denali Highway Report 12/21 Cantwell to Alpine Creek Lodge

    Thought I would post a short update on the Denali Highway conditions out of Cantwell to Alpine Creek Lodge...

    For those that don't want the entire ride report the highway was in great shape.. Snow last night starting at mile post 116 with about 12 inches of fresh powder for the next 20 ish miles...closer to the Lodge not as much new snow, but the entire highway was windblown with some significant drifts especially near the big Su bridge...

    And now the rest of the story:

    I took my 2, 20 something boys from Cantwell to Alpine Creek Lodge on Monday late afternoon...We unloaded and headed out about 30 minutes before sunset and the highway was in great shape with just the occasional drift and bump for the entire ride...A gorgeous night ride and a new experience for all of us...

    We called ahead to Claude and Jennifer to let them know we were heading out, and in their typical fashion they said they would keep an eye out and have dinner ready when we got there...We rolled into the Lodge and were met by Bob and a warm trappers cabin to spend the night...After a great meal and a lot of reminiscing we headed to the cabin and warm bed...

    After a great breakfast we rode the hardest 25 miles I have even ridden in 32 years on a sled...We helped Claude break trail in 4+ feet of powder that was not for the faint of heart...I believe everyone got stuck at least once and a snow bungy became my new best best friend...That big machine is great for breaking trails and is a serious cardiovascular workout when you unbury it ...

    Back for dinner and a nice trail ride was followed by the boys being called out by little Bob on Xbox...They had a great time...It was time to start the ride back to Cantwell but Mother Nature decided otherwise...High winds, heavy snow forecast and a 3 hr drive back in the dark was a good enough excuse to delay the departure 12 hrs...

    The morning was a perfect ride back with 20 degree temps and fresh powder for 67 miles...The road did not have a track on it except 7 or 8 moose that we shared it with...A few big drifts again, but the boys finished the day and told me that the ride was the most fun they have had in a long time...


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    Thanks for the update. Sounds like fun. I can't wait for next months ride.


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