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Thread: Spring Black Bear Recipies?

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    Default Spring Black Bear Recipies?

    So I've got a buddy visiting from westpoint in may who wants to go bear hunting, I figure we'll wander around the cooper lake area and see what we can find in the woods. I for one however am not shooting anything that I'm not gonna eat, if I kill one what should I do with it? I think a summer eating bear sausage and bear tacos sounds pretty nice what do you do with your spring bear?
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    Default black bear

    burger is nice. and breakfast sausage, Indian Valley Meats does that but nothing else. Had some summer sausage from Mat Valley Meats that was spring blackie and mighty tasty. some of in not the best summer sausage we have ever eaten. he does it on the side in the off season, not sure when that is for him. I have never called him, Wolfgang is his name. IVM is around $1.79 for their burger and sausage, maybe burger is cheaper. Steaks seem to be dry for me. Since they should be well done. I like my game real pink to a little bloody. The burger and sausage turns out good from the fat they add to it of course. Shoot one you will like it.

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    Default Spring bear

    cubed meat fried in butter with onions and mushrooms! Also the usual sausage and snack sticks.

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    Default Corned Bear

    Just look for a recipie on the internet for corned bear. Corned bear is great. We also take it Wasilla meats (20 pounds or more) and have Hunter Sticks and Polish Sausage made. Last time we ended up with 240 pounds of PS.
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    Default Jerky

    Bear jerky is really easy and tasty. Sausage is always good.

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    My favorite place south of anchorage for Sausage and pepperoni sticks is Indian Valley. They do a great job and I liked the size of the fat better. Ive seen sausage with very large fat pieces and I dont really like that.

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    Default bear recipes

    I would agree that bear steaks are not the best. When I kill a bear, I always get the hams smoked (excellent), keep the tenderloins and backstraps for grilling, and split the rest more or less 50-50 between hamburger and stew meat. Bear meat makes great hamburger, and bear stew can't be beat. I pressure cook it in quart jars with about 1 tsp. of salt. It sits there and marinates in its own juices until you are ready to use it. When you make stew, dump the whole jar in your stew pot and add about 1/2-1 cup of water or beef broth. Put in some potatoes, carrots, barley, and a couple bay leaves, and there is nothing better to warm you up after a cold day outside in the middle of winter. We also use the stew meat for taquitos.

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    Default give it to any one who wants it

    I usually give it all away. My uncle really likes it, but we usually get quite a bit, so I try to give it to whomever wants the meat. I guess I just haven't had it cooked the right way.

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    Like most have said, bear steaks are not the best since you have to cook them through, same as you would pork and they end up dry and tough. Hamburger and stew are my favorite.

    More important, if you have not hunted black bear, is how you handle it after you have killed it. Any fat on the bear (a lot less in spring and much more in fall) goes rancid incredibly fast and gives the bear a tangy tast.

    At 40 degrees you have to get a bear to a cooler within 12 hours and at 60 degrees you have about 3 hours (at near freezing you can keep it for several days). There is probably some leeway to those times but I don't like to take any chances and stick to them fairly closley

    If you can not get the bear cooled down quickly then strip the hid off and cut every piece of fat off that you can find, even if you have to cut into the meat a little.

    When we go for black bear, we bring an old freezer and a generator so we do not have to rush it to a cooler

    In the old days bear fat was used a lot for baking bread because when renderd properly, it makes a fine oil but it is the worst if it goes rancid.

    Good luck on your hunt.

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    Default Indian Valley

    Indian Valley does black bear meat? They do not have it on their website. We should have a few bears in May and I would love to drop mine off and have them make something of it for me.

    I emailed them but have not heard back from them yet, will call tomorrow


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    Do tariyaka spelling is wrong but anyway then bake it like you would a pot roast with spuds and vegs its great


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