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Thread: Question about the alaska special draw.

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    Default Question about the alaska special draw.

    I am curious how the party application works? I have never applied for any hunts as a party but a couple of buddies and I are thinking about putting in for a goat hunt and applying as a party. So my question is if we apply has individual people we each get our names thrown in the hat and get a chance for the tag, but if we apply as a party does that mean they only throw our names in the hat only one time covering all of us, or do they still put us all in indivudually and if one of us draw then we all get the tag? I hope you all understand and I haven't confused you. Thanks for any help I can get.

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    for one, the party draw is only for 2 people, and yes, only one name goes in the hat and if it gets drawn you both get a tag, BUT if they are giving out 5 tags, and they already gave out 4 of those tags, and your name comes up, your outta luck as they can't issue 2 tags. me and dad to the caribou party draw every year, but I Apply for a few other hunts by my self. gotta keep the meat common in to feed 10 folks! 2 years ago we went through 2 moose the biggest pig we raised (400 Lbs in november) 50 chickens and a ton of other wild stuff. and we were outta meat by August.
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