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    While watching TV and drinking my morning coffee I saw a commercial for a TSX, a 2012 Acura TSX. Apparently these TSX come one to a package, and they are fairly pricey at up to $35K each. I could find no report as to what velocity is required for proper expansion and/or if they are designed to double their diameter upon impact. No weights were listed and there was no report of weight retention following use. No reports on how it performs on game but it looks like it should perform well on small game. Although there was no mention if it was suitable for grizzly bear, I imagine there will soon be discussions if it is "big enough" for grizzly bear protection and/or hunting...perhaps if pushed to a high velocity and the shooter aims well and does his part. Accuracy/load development of this TSX is yet to be reported.


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    5 star frontal impact means it is solid enough to go through bone without deflecting. You have to look up 'crumple zone' data to get an idea of their willingness to mushroom. You'll need the NTSB manual for load data.
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    Its a little early for cabin fever isn't it??

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    ....but will the heated seats keep the meat too warm and spoil it?


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    Default Dear Consumer

    Thank you for your interest in our product. Hopefully I will be able to answer your questions regarding the Acura TSX.

    1-you are correct that they only come one to a package and run about 35 grand. Reasoning ! is more than enough to get the job done, and quit bittchin about the price what are ya gonna take it with ya when you die ya cheap Bastid?

    2- Velocity is all relative to the the idiot driving the **** thing. In other words if your an old fart this may not be the caliber for you because it has the potential to push you back pretty good if you know how to work it.

    3-the next answer is multi parted and not in the exact order you asked but hopefully even a hillbilly like you can figure it out.
    the Acura TSX was designed for small game particularly the urban split tail , hence the small doors and seats. If your looking to go for grid then you should buy a pickup to haul all that azz around town and while you at it buy a tarp for that thing so the rest of us don't have to look at it while your doing so. Now in regards to expansion and doubling in size , well that really has to do with the game , I don't know if you know this but some of the urban split tail have magical powers that make certain things happen that others can't Doubling in size is very possible and usually penetration is good enough after use its all down hill though . If griz hunting you may not reach full expansion and good penetration is doubtful and to be honest doubling in diameter rarely happens. Hopefully this answers all your questions redneck.

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    This is a joke, right?

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    akslaya, which part? There actually is an Acura TSX. When I saw that I got a kick out of it and thought that folks here might enjoy a little humor.


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