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    Need info on finding the best but most economical lodging and fishing package prices for a group of 10 people or 5 couples. Guys want to fish, wives could care less and need something to do. Our interests are Salmon & Halibut. Looking at at least 4 days of fishing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW...Pics of my North Florida fishing report from friday below

    Tom's 1st Wahoo:

    Will's 1st Wahoo:

    AJ's "Biggin"

    And the Captain's (mine) itty bitty lil wehoo..go figure!
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    I think the most economical package is to skip the "package". Rent rooms in Homer or Seward, and set up your own charters.

    You might want to provide more info on when you will be going to Alaska, and where you are trying to visit.

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    Get with me and I will give you some ideas pm me and I will give you a number


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