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Thread: Permits to open hunting/fishing business

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    Default Permits to open hunting/fishing business

    Hello All,

    There has recently been a lot of discussion about rental cabins and transporters and I am looking for some opinions. My plan is to open a lodging establishment that offers fishing and hunting for the do it yourselfer.

    Hunting - have a vehicle, boat, and lodging (no meals) for folks to use - charge a flat rate for the three. Possibly have treestands for rent (bears) and pre-purchase food if asked by the client. Bear and deer hunts.

    Fishing - vehicle, boat, meals, lodging. Flat rate for the four (do it yourself fishing)

    Any thoughts? I will be in a town of about 250 if that helps. Also if someone has any good insurance carriers or ideas that would be great too. I have contacted fish and game but I am looking to get current owner insight or opinion.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Exclamation Troopers

    I suggest you get a hold of the local (wildlife) trooper and ask him. Why-because they are the one that interprets the law about guides/transporter/etc. DO NOT trust the public servant that you talk to when you call an entity, they may not understand the law completely either!

    This has been very contraversial and you don't want to end up in the local bar motel because a trooper interprets a law different than what you have been told.

    I would even suggest getting a lawyer.

    Also get a hold of:

    Fish and Game
    Occupational Licensing
    Business Licensing
    Local Licensing entity (some places require a business license issued by the town/village)
    US Fish and Wildlife (interpretation of laws)
    US Forest Service (permits and interpretation of laws)
    US Coast Guard (licensing and interpretation of laws)

    You cannot be to informed! However, you will be confused! Don't put a lot of money out yet till you get solid answers!

    Good Luck--


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