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    Been researching the Retriever clubs here in the Anchorage Area. Want to throw this one out there and see if anyone wants to chime in on which one to join and WHY. I know there has bound to be some members on this site. A few questions to ponder are:

    Do they meet often?
    Do they train together?
    What is a typical meeting?
    Are they designed to more of a vehicle for hunt trials?

    Not trying to put any club down as I am sure both are great just wanted a little info and maybe this thread will allow some of the members to advertise there club a little.

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    There are two AKC retreiver clubs in Anchorage, Retriever Club of Alaska and the Alaska Working Retriever Club (nee Alaska Women's Retriever Club). Both were established to hold two retriever field trials a year. Since about 1992 they have both also done two retriever hunting tests a year.

    Retriever enthusiasts have to train together. The game itself makes manpower out in the field necessary for training retrievers to a high level. People in training groups have to take turns throwing out in the field when they're not running their dog(s). Whether or not all the members of a training group are a member of the clubs I can't say. Most, if not all, the people training an advanced retriever are members of one at least and probably both Anchorage AKC retriever clubs.

    Does any club have training days? I'm not sure this year. In past years we had training classes which were basically training sessions. This winter it may happen again after the holidays are over and we get more daylight. Most of these sessions are out in the valley where the wind usually blows fields and the flats clear(ish) of snow. I'd watch the club's websites for information about what they're doing this winter. I'd expect there to be some news near the end of January.

    You'll see people, individually and in groups, out and about Anchorage and the valley training retrievers throughout the winter. Most if not all of us are friendly so stop by and say hi. Time (especially during lunch hours) and daylight are often valuable so we might not always have the time to stop training and gab. But most of us love to talk about retrievers. (Usually our own )

    The clubs have to have a meeting every year. There are often other gatherings through out the year on an infrequent basis. Both the AKC clubs have a board of directors meeting approximately once a month to talk about club business.

    I'd say the purpose of the AKC retriever clubs in Anchorage is to have retriever field trials and retriever hunting tests. They try and have tried to do more but attendance is sporatic and the people organizing it burn out.

    The websites for the AKC clubs are:

    There is the Midnight Sun Gun Dog Association that runs NAHRA and HRC retriever hunt tests. I can't talk about the HRC but I know NAHRA hunting tests are fun. Their website is: I don't know what they have as far as training days etc.


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