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Thread: King Fishing in Valdez?

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    Hey Folks!
    I was wondering if anyone has targeted kings in Valdez? I'm really curious to see if it's worth the trip to try my hand at catching some this year, (maybe in May?) If anyone has had luck with them, could you tell me a little about the fishery?? I have caught small kings trolling for silvers around the kelp beds, and even managed a nice 20 lb. fish 2 summers ago. Is there any kings over 20 lbs. out of Valdez? Not looking for anyones "hot spots" or tactics just some facts, (unless you feel like sharing.) Thanks in advance for any information!

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    There are a few in town that try to target them. You only have to troll in front of town and out to the Narrows. I have not heard of any reports yet. Most boats are snowed in yet.

    There have been a few releases of king smolts in the past few years. The hatchery is working on developing the king fishery here. Last year the largest I heard of ws 45 pounds. So it is only going to get better. Right now the cold and high winds will prevent anyone from trying.

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