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Thread: winter pickup camping

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    Default winter pickup camping

    Me and the old lady love loading up the pickup and camping out for the weekend but are trying to find some more places because we usually hit the hope side of resurrection pass and are just looking for something new to us. We would like there to be some hiking/ snowshoeing places and hopefully not too far of a drive from anchorage. Hope is far enough, and we just use the camper shell for shelter. I was thinking of checking out Bertha creek or Johnson pass. Anybody have ideas or suggestions? Thanks alotin advance!

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    Don't know if you're looking only for places to camp, but yurts, public use cabins and parks might be useful places to start looking:

    I've done some similar camping around Anchor Point and towards Glenallen and then one spot towards Valdez, but found some road recon is necessary. Even if an area is open/ungated, access is sometimes limited by snow depth or other issues. There's a gravel pit towards Seward I pulled into after winter snows had set in, but found it difficult to see road edges in the flat and failing light. I learned to carry a snow shovel and to drive in only as far as I was willing to dig the following AM. Every trip was worth it though.

    Good luck.


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