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Thread: Non Resident Moose hunt in Area 23

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    Default Non Resident Moose hunt in Area 23

    Hey fellow hunters I am looking to do a moose hunt uin unit 23 next year and looking for a little help. Being Unit 23 is broken up into 5 different areas I was wondering if there is any better area's than the others. Will probably do a float hunt. Tried a few different guides and transporters to look for suggestions but have no luck as of yet. I appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thanks Keith

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    i'm having my dad apply for the same tag since i live in the unit so i wont say what one i told him to go for but just look at what river you think you want to try for. the kobuk and selawik river probably have the most moose, the noatak is very senic but with significantly lower moose numbers. the eli and squirrel river fall under the same tag i believe but the odds are a little lower as i think they don't give out a whole lot of permits and the squirrel can be full of caribou hunters. you have to be careful with float hunts in this region what most people don't realize is that much of the lower sections of the noatak, kobuk, and selawik are on NANA land and are not open to non-native hunting (unless you've lived here for at least 5 years in which case you need a NANA permit). be careful where your at they were patroling with boats last year. best of luck.

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    Thanks for the info Cjust. If anyone feels better keeping it private feel free to PM. Thanks again everyone for your time. Keith

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    Good moose along the Tag. The tag is a good river for floating. Especially if you can get in to the hills to start.
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