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Thread: "Sorting Out Sensitivity, Softness, Sensibility, Smartness & Similar Traits"

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    Default "Sorting Out Sensitivity, Softness, Sensibility, Smartness & Similar Traits"

    Interesting article by Dennis Voigt of "Retrievers Online" -

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    This kind of generalizing is why so many labs end up in the shelters. Early on, I was among them trading off dogs when they no longer fit my plan or lack of training ability or a Pro’s assessment . I don't disagree with the comments in general but they can label a dog for life. I see most labs in shelters who seem to be on the far ends of high sensitivity and lack of sensibility. Most of it caused, I agree, by training or lack of training. They will never achieve a field trial level but most Lab owners never do either. Is winning a field trial really that important? I think that if people really assessed their real goals with their dog, they would tailor their training to their dog to achieve the best they can in a competent hunter. Almost any lab, even non-field lines or backyard bred will achieve that goal with training tailored to that dog. The off-hand comment to "just find the dog a nice pet home" often guarantees a trip to the shelter when new owners cannot “handle” a dog bred for sports.

    Rather than explore other ways to train, people just dump the dog or let it sit until their problems are even worse. Training an older dog who has manifested a high sensitivity with a lack of sensibility is a real challenge but the more I do the more he seems to concentrate. I know having a new puppy, a clean slate, would be more fun than slogging over self-control issues and manic responses day after day. I consider it everyday, but the commitment for life should be there when they bring the puppy or dog home. It would be a perfect world if people put their dogs before their egos.
    My humble opinion after training labs for 25 years working with shelters for 4 years.
    Linda Henning


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