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Thread: Forty Mile Caribou Heard

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    Default Forty Mile Caribou Heard

    Hey everyone!

    I was wandering if someone could give me some info about the Forty mile caribou heard hunt.
    I am interested on what the road conditions are like on the Steese and Taylor Hwy.

    Some friends and myself are planing to head up there this weekend if the road conditions are good.
    We are coming from Big Lake so it would be nice to know what the probability of this hunt is before we leave.
    Thanks guys!

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    Taylor Highway- you have to go past mile 112.6 (bridge) to hunt. The road right before that is narrow and blown over with snow. If you don't have snow machines with trailers and cold weather gear.. DON'T GO. It was a B---- last weekend, and only seen one animal north of the bridge. Lots of caribou about 40 mile (Nelchena herd) - that area is closed. Also seen one wolf. Had fun, and got out in one piece- but it was tough going.


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    The Steese Highway has been pretty tough lately, and currently it's closed at Mile 101. I suspect it will re-open in the next couple days as temps drop the blowing snow should subside. You need a snow machine to get off the highway 15+ miles to get to the legal hunting zone between twelve-mile summit and Central. 30 or 40 miles past central the hunt zone gets close to the highway.


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