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Thread: Are there any lakes to hunt?

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    Default Are there any lakes to hunt?

    Hey guys,
    Are there any lakes to hunt in the Mat-Su area? I mean lakes you can launch a V-hull boat on and use an outboard motor, not a mud motor.
    I know there has to be some open water hunting somewhere, just no clue where to go.
    How about rivers?

    I'm just getting tired of fighting the mud all the time...


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    All the lakes that I am aware of have shooting restrictions. There may be some small ponds where there is not a home built on the shore. I have no idea about them, though. Anyone that does know about them will probably never ever mention them on the internet.

    The reality is that there is not a lot of road accessible waterfowl hunting spots in Upper Cook Inlet.

    Off of the Big Su there are dozens of sloughs and you can find a few birds resting in them once in a while. However, the hunting is not very consistent, once the birds are flushed out they seldom come back since they have lots of options.


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