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Thread: military gloves w/ gore-tex

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    Default military gloves w/ gore-tex

    Two companies currently make so-called "waterproof" gloves for the military. The waterproofing supposedly comes from a gore-tex lining. Does anyone have any direct experience, pro or con, with any of these specific gloves?

    They are (company / glove model):

    Ansell ActivArmr
    - cold weather combat glove (model 46-456 or 46-455)
    - intermediate cold wet glove (model 46-451)

    - cold weather flyer's glove (model CWF-FG)
    - waterproof flyer's glove (model WPFLY3-SG)
    - intermediate cold wet glove (model ICWG-FG)


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    Gore-tex is a breathable material that works to a point. Walking in the rain it does well IMHO. BUT, kneel down on a knee though and water will seep through fast. Take you gloves off and get your hands wet, then put your gloves back on and your gloves now have water going both ways. Drive a 4 wheeler in a driving rain and your hand will be soaked in no time with most gore-tex gloves. So, the short answer is that you ned to know what you plan on using them for...under the right conditions they are great. If you want completely water proof gloves, other materials may be better for you.
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