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Thread: Finally getting started...advice??

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    Default Finally getting started...advice??

    Well this will be my first year to trap and I had hoped to get out on day 1, but life got in the way, as did the weather, so now I am in the game....finally!

    Maybe you can tell me if I am way off on my strategy:

    A friend butchered his cow and gave me the head and legs, and I just killed a chicken, so they were my first bait. I hiked over two hills off the trail and found two trees about 18 inches apart, yet in a fairly open area. I threaded a piece of wire through the bird and hung it about 2 or 3 feet high between the trees with the wire tied around each trunk. The cow head is directly beneath the chicken and also wired to one of the trees. My plan is to go back tomorrow and see if anything has visited. If so, I am going to set snares on the tracks and build up a little mound for a foothold trap.(A friend told me animals like to get up on little hills to check things out before they just go for the bait.)

    I also have a bunch of fish heads and tails I saved from dipnetting. Can anyone give me the best way to utilize those with snares. I am just starting out and not sure the best way to place bait and snares. Should I put a big central pile of bait or use only one head or one tail for each snare?

    I mainly have snares and a few foothold traps to use, so if you know good ways to use them, please feel free to tell me. Not going for anything in particular, but I know there are foxes in the area.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Where in AK do you live? You should really try and attend an ATA meeting in FAI or ANC and meet some other trappers. Many of them may be willing to take you on their line for a day. Bait is just the beginning, proper setting of traps and snares is CRITICAL. Save yourself LOTS of time, find a seasoned trapper willing to help you out.

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    Yeah, I have gone to some AFTA meetings in the valley. I really just would like some ideas from you guys on the best way to use the stuff I mentioned. I don't really have time to go out on a line with someone else that much - I do well to just get out myself.

    I know HOW to set a trap and a snare, just wondering the best presentation and positioning. Some people have suggested a big central pile of bait with snares set in a circular perimeter on trails, but then others have suggested throwing a fish head into a snow berm and setting snares in front of and around it. I prefer the central pile, but don't want to waste the fish if I have a better option for using them separately. I also want to do some dirt hole sets with them. Just looking for ideas. Thanks.

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    Your "presentation" largely depends on the species of animal you are trying to catch.


    Surf thru the Wilderness site and there should be a fair amount of pics and words on different types of sets.
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