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Thread: Barneys Frame pack and hunter bag combo

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    Default Barneys Frame pack and hunter bag combo

    Just wondering how you guys found the frame pack and hunter bag? How many ci is it, and what is the smallest the waist band will go to? I'm only a 30" waist so i want to be sure I will fit itbefore I order one.

    My buddy and I just booked a sheep hunt with Steve Johnson of Ultimate Alaskan Adventures, he had a lot of good refferences do any of you guys know him or anything about him. I feel like we did our due dilligence before we booked but its always nice to have local opinions about an outfitter.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Look under the Gear forum, Barneys is the only place to get their packs, sometimes you can find a good used one in the classifieds on here. This has been talked about yearly so you might have to search it under gear forum. Barneys packs are pricey but built to last and they make them fit to your size. As far as your outfitter I don't know anything but I'm sure someone will, there is two old reports on but their from 2008 2009 i think. Good luck in your Quest!

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    They size them and are adjustable. While I'm not as thin I have a 32" in this picture and that is a 124lb moose quarter!
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    I would suggest calling Barneys. I bought one this year and used it multiple times and cannot express enough how comfortable of a pack it is, not to mention the room in the pack. I have not used just the frame by itself yet, but can only imagine it can hold a considerable amount of weight, as evident in tboehm's photo above.

    I purchased mine over the phone from them, gave them my measurements and it was sized perfectly when I pulled it out of the box. I have yet to make an adjustment to it.


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