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Thread: Potato storage info wanted

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    Default Potato storage info wanted

    Looking for information on storage of potatoes. I have had some (not much) success with just burying them below frost level in the dirt. Root cellars need some small amount of heat & ventilation.

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    I have put mine under my house, it stays above freezing as to never freeze my stored water, so far so good
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    Mine in the garage, around 40 deg. In boxes, some air holes, covered to keep them out of light.
    Don't wash them with water before storage. Lay out to dry then store.
    Dry , Dark & cool. Some types store better than others.

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    I think mudbuddy nailed it. I don't store my own potatoes under ideal conditions because I use one root cellar for many different foods. Low temperatures cause potato starches to convert to sugars, but most other veggies prefer colder storage temperatures than potatoes, so I accept the trade-off for convenience. If you don't want to compromise, a quick online search will provide many agricultural bulletins describing ideal storage conditions. Otherwise just find a place that stays close to 40*F and you should do fine.

    I think this article offers a good overview of cold storage:
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    The best temperature to store potatos is between 50-60 degrees with a good amount of humidity and just a shaking of the dirt when the come out of the ground as mentioned don't wash. A fellow gardner I'm good friends with manages to make his last a full 12 months till the next crop is ready, of course the he is storing a room 50 feet wide to a depth of 17 feet deep and well over a hundred feet long. Thats a whole lot of chips. Its 65 and above when they try to "regrow" themselves and they end up soft after a couple weeks


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