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Thread: First time applying for draw hunts. Appreciate any feedback anybody can offer.

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    Default First time applying for draw hunts. Appreciate any feedback anybody can offer.

    This will be the first time my wife and I will be applying for permit hunts in Alaska and I'm looking for some feedback on the ideas that I have. We're located in Anchor Point. We are pretty limited by our work schedule to really only being able to extend our Labor Day weekend a couple of extra days or get all of our hunting done by August 16. We aren't looking for trophies, but rather the opportunity to hike, hunt, and ideally put some meat in the freezer. We've done a pretty good amount of backpacking and are in good physical condition. We have lots of time in the summer to get out and scout if we are drawn for any hunt, but don't have ATVs or a boat, so I'm hoping to get feedback to make sure that I don't apply for any hunts that are inappropriate for access by highway vehicle/on foot. Here's what I'm thinking about applying for:

    DM549: Homer cow. It's right in our backyard and could be hunted on our weekends/after work pretty hard.
    DM723: Middle Chatanika.
    DM726: Upper Chatanika. My thought on those two hunts is that they coincide with the regular any bull season, so if one of us got drawn, we'd have permits to harvest just about any moose, hopefully improving our chances.

    DC001: Kenai Mtns. We've hiked/biked up there quite a bit and know people who have been successful here before.
    DC480-483: We've never spent any time in this area, but it's relatively close to home. I'm concerned about access and don't want to apply for any permits that we can't access on foot. I don't want to draw a permit that we can't hunt and take opportunities away from someone who could really utilize them.

    Bison: DI 403 and 404: I figure we ought to start making annual donations to fish and game now.

    We're finishing up the details on making sure that my buddy wants to take his boat around the corner, but we'll probably apply for the Port Dick goat hunt too.

    If you have any insight on these hunts that you wouldn't mind sharing, I really would appreciate it. Again, I'm mostly concerned with access.


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    Caribou in unit 13 - apply for just DC481 and DC482. That way you can focus just around the Denali road corridor and hunt on foot fairly easily. However, it may take you a few days to find and take an animal. My friends that have drawn DC482 usually notch their tag on the first day up in the hills along the Valdez creek mine road system. Its walk in only which reduces the competition. The north side of the road from the Susitna all the way to the Mcclaren river area is a non motorized controlled use area. And there are many horse/foot trails or old mine trails to get simple access on.

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    DM331 is an easy hunt and very accessible.

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    I'd totally drive by all seven million moose between Homer and Fairbanks and hunt the Chatanika River. Any moose south of Fox is genetically predisposed to look like a moose, smell like a moose, sound like a moose, and taste like a moose - but they're not good for shooting. Hell, I own stock in Shell Oil... drive to Toolik before you get out of the truck. Tons of moose up there.
    Passing up shots on mergansers since 1992.


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