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Thread: How to Sea Duck hunt

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    Default How to Sea Duck hunt

    I'm new to hunting sea duck hunting and I would like to know some methods that some hunters like to use to bag them. I'm most interested in how to bag Barrow's Goldeneye. Do you hunt them in low or high tide if hunting on islands or points?

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    Hunt low tide is the best usually at the mouth or way back in the bay. Also shallow areas are a plus. If water to deep they won't be there most of the time... Just put decoys out. I run 3 string of 12 and run.
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    In the limitted experience I have with sea ducks the best thing to do is find a bay with a bunch sitting in there. Run in there and put decoys out, and they come back within the next 10 to 30 min. It seems you have to be pretty mobile with sea ducks though, so when they start to slow down pick up and move to another location where you see more birds sitting.
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    For goldeneyes look for areas with a lot of mussels.

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