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Thread: Tanana crossing near Salcha to Harding Lake

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    Default Tanana crossing near Salcha to Harding Lake

    Was hoping to take head out in a week to do some exploring, but saw some old threads that indicate this section of river has some areas that don't freeze up very well. Does anybody know the condition of the ice on the Tanana around Salcha?

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    One bump, then I'll leave it alone.

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    I don't know the answer to your inquiry, but it wouldn't be worth much anyway. I used to run dogs on part of the Tanana out there. You can't take it for granted. You can have good solid ice one day and an open lead 24 hours later. Be wary.
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    Take a look between Salcha and Birch Lake, there are several access points through there and you will have to look them over well to find a good crossing. I am sure someone has been across at this point so hopefully there are tarcks or a trail you can follow.

    Have you checked the crossing at South Cushman?

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    Quote Originally Posted by broncoformudv View Post
    Have you checked the crossing at South Cushman?
    I haven't checked that crossing. We have a couple of options, the first leaving from around Salcha, the second is leaving from the launch on Chena Pump. The Salcha crossing would be a longer trip to get to where we want to go, but we'd be able to pocket a registration tag for the trip. The second option would get us there quicker, but we would have to travel a ways to get into zone 2B from where we will be going. Right now we are leaning more on heading out from Chena Pump since we've had all this warm weather.


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