In the Made in USA thread above Outa Ware was listed as a U.S. product. I went to their site and liked what I saw. I was need a new set of snowmachine bibs since I had grown too fat for my Klims and passed them to my son. These were original Klim bibs from their first or second year of production. I am astounded at the price of new Klims, especially since they are made overseas. They are great bibs, but if I am spending $300+ on a set of bibs I am going to look for a Made in USA source first.

That led me to Andy Tuller at Outa Ware in Montana. I was a bit nervous about spending $360 on a set of bibs sight unseen. However, my back and forth emails to Andy made me more comfortable and he guarantees that you can return them if you don't like them (unused). The other nice thing is that Andy can do virtually anything you want to modify them. Waist size, inseam, etc. can all be modified. In fact, he had no issue in producing a set of bibs for me that allowed for my ample no extra charge

I ordered the Couloir Bibs in black. I am no fabric expert, but they call their breathable fabric in this case Dry-X. The pants are made with this fabric and one they call Magnum 1. The majority of the pant is an outer layer of this Magnum1 (made in USA ) fabric. This stuff is bullet proof. Every bit as tough feeling as Cordura. They are a fairly low set of bibs with two zippered side pockets and a zippered fly. They have the required full length leg zips using a big high quality zipper with a fabric flap covering it. The inside has a polyester net material to keep you away from the inside of the outer shell. All seams are taped with Seam-Grip. On the bottom of each cuff is a cinch strap to tighten the cuff around your boots. The inside bottom of each leg is tripple layered Magnum material. This is the part that wears against your tunnel and the inside of your downhill ski boots. Very tough.

I've been wearing these pants now for a week. From working outside in my lumber yard, to climbing in and out of my backhoe, and snowmachining. Today I gave them a good test on a 130 mile ride in 30+ degree temps.

The warm weather is what usually separates good bibs from bad, especially in fresh snow. These things did great. Not a single problem with leaks and my butt was perfectly dry. Layered with a set of Patagonia primaloft pants I didn't get too hot. Through the week I've noticed how well they breath while working outside. I've yet to have sweaty legs in these bibs.

Overall, I'd give them a 9 out of 10. If they had an inner boot gator cuff like the Klim bibs do they easily be a 10 to me. I might even mention it to Andy to see if he could incorporate it. It's a pretty simple add on. Right now, I'm not sure if I even need it.

If you are looking for a great made in USA outdoor product, Outa Ware would be a good place to look. I know that they are going to get my business after Christmas for a new outer shell coat to got with the bibs. I'm even looking at their lightweight raingear for next season.