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Thread: big scopes on TV

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    Default big scopes on TV

    I got up early this morning and was watching some hunting shows. I couldn't help by notice that everyone had these huge scopes on there rifles. It seems that everyone had a 50mm scope on there rifles and dragging it all over the hills. My favorite scope is a 2.5x8x36 vx-3 and have never really felt that I needed anymore. I do have a few rifles that have 3.5x10x40 but I really perfer the 2.5x8x36. Am I missing something here or is it just for TV?

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    Amazing how well the old timers did with iron sights or fixed low power scopes. I think overly large scopes are compensation for something else.

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    Large magnification scopes seem to be the trend anymore. Just like the quest for bigger, faster cartridges. For me, the "old" cartridges still work and scopes under 9X while boring to most get the job done.

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    It's called advertiseing !! If you're going to sponsor a TV show you want to advertise the lastest, greatest,most expensive, and biggest product in your line. If Jim Shockey uses it it's gotta be the CATS-MEOW and everyone else really must have one. Just like his ARGO and "muzzleloading rifle" with a camo synthetic stock.
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    I love "tweener" scopes. Most of my rifles have 32-36 mm objectives. I currently have four 2-7x32 vortex vipers which is a fantastic budget scope (discontinued). Two awesome Zeiss Conquest 2.5-8x32 scopes (discontinued). One Swaro 3-9x36 and 1 Leupy 2.5-8x36. They are all perfectly suited for The style hunting I do up here. I am down to one 3-9x40 Zeiss on my 325 for moose because I hunt some woods that get pretty dark in late sept and the added light gathering is worth the extra bulk. I would like 1 high powered scope with turrets at some point for a tactical LR target rifle but that won't see hunting duty. I used a buddies 6.5-25x50 nightforce topped 338 lapua recently and I certainly see the value when trying to shoot tiny groups on paper at longer distances.

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    I guess I could cut them some slack if they are hunting in wide open country like Wyoming or Montana, where shots may be longer on average??

    Otherwise, I have found even carrying a 2.5-8x, or 3-9x variable x40,
    that I have never had the scope adjusted beyond 6x after making the shot that counted, honestly, it is usually at 4x in the end
    and in Alaskan bush hunting, it seems something like a a Fixed 4x or 6x sure eliminates a lot of room for error, (spacing out dialing it down for the Alder thicket, quick view find)
    kind of like to carry a sleek, as in, not bulky firearm thru all the brush also, "Bigger is Not Better"

    Looking at the recent hunting Mags, I can hardly relate to all the talk of Long Range Hunting optics and shot preparation

    But that's just me, I suppose, still figure the "Gettin Close" is the best part of the hunt experience
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    I hunted once with a borrowed rifle that had a 6.5-20x on it. Felt like the Hubble was mounted to the top of that thing. Never had an issue shooting any big game critter to 300yds with a 4x or 6x but current manufactuer lines prove that I'm certainly in the minority on that one.

    I get it if someone is working over prarie dogs with a heavy varminter or shooting paper but for a big game rifle I just don't get the big objectives and high magnification.

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    I guess they probably offer an advantage in some situations and if a person does not mind the added cost and weight then it is there choice. My favorite scope is the 2.5 x 8 36mm Leupold and it sits on my custom Mod. 70 .338 Win. Mag.. Next to it I like the 1.75 x 6 32mm Leupold that sits on my Pre-64 Mod. 70 Featherweight 30-06. Either one will handle any big game hunting I will ever do. My shooting gear is adequate and I have to admit I am the "weakest link".

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    Quote Originally Posted by brav01 View Post
    It's called advertising !! If you're going to sponsor a TV show you want to advertise the lastest, greatest,most expensive, and biggest product in your line. If Jim Shockey uses it it's gotta be the CATS-MEOW and everyone else really must have one. Just like his ARGO and "muzzleloading rifle" with a camo synthetic stock.
    Advertising indeed. And it works; just look around here.
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    I hafta agree with 377PFA, & brav01:

    I also, think these people might believe that High Power scopes help them to shoot better groups at the range, so they can brag about’em.

    There’s no doubt in my mind, it does help, in that regard. I use the highest X for testing loads, etc.

    My only scope for most of my life was a 2.5 Weaver, and I could often shoot a 1” group. Nowadays I go with 3X9s, and 2X7s, and I carry them on 4X.

    I just cawn’t see well enough with 2 or 2.5X anymore.

    I have ONE 4x12 with an AO, that I like but, a beginning X of more than 4, is more than I believe is practical, for me, anyway.

    Apparently, some folks like fixed 6X, but they’re not for me. I have 2 Weaver K4s, that work for me, though.

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    Part of the reason you see the 50-56mm scopes is they tend to hunt from stands or blinds(makes for good tv) and shots tend to be at twilight. I own one 56mm Nikon and that thing is HEAVY, but it is good to get a few extra shooying minutes when sitting a stand in a deep swamp. The thing that I find interesting is that the rifles they hang these on are lite weight, otherwise they would not be far from 15-20lb bench rifles.


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