We have a kid's program going on up here in Talkeetna called Build-A-Plane. It's a non-profit program that allows the kids the opportunity to rebuild aircraft and also learn to fly. Currently we have 24 kids involved and several A&P/AI's working on the project of rebuilding a Cherokee Six PA 32-300.

If anyone out there in their aviation travels knows of any parts planes lying around we are short a few really expensive parts. We are short both ailerons and flaps and the nose fork. Some of these parts are exchangable between PA-32-300's, PA32-260's, and PA32R-300

We have a good nose gear fork, but the aluminum block (sold as one piece by Piper) is too corroded to use. Our fork is also the wide one used with 8.5 nose wheels. We are open to trading the wide fork for a stock one and the aluminum block that goes on top of it. We also could simply use the aluminum block if it's the right one.

Anyhow, if you have any leads or have the parts PM me and we'll compare serial numbers/part numbers. Of course the kids would love donations, but we also could buy the parts if need be.