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Thread: anyone seen a CZ rifle/shogun o/u combo?

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    Default anyone seen a CZ rifle/shogun o/u combo?

    I see them listed on their web site... 30-06 or 308 barrel under a 12 gauge. Just wondering if anyone has actually played with one?
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    Got me interested now - that could be a nice (leave in the cabin) or (pack in on the combo trips for sure).
    Browning made a 20ga o/u with a set of 30-06 o/u bbls for it many moons ago - I had my hands on one briefly and sold it - wish I had that back - it sure felt good with the 06 bbls on it!

    FP - CZ site says its a 12 ga and optional 243, 308, or 3006 under it - $21XX.00
    Rifle bbl even has a set trigger option - pretty interesting...
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