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Thread: I need your help with a fly reel

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    Default I need your help with a fly reel

    I want to buy a new fly reel for flipping reds on the Kenai. I know this will sound odd but does anyone make one with anti reverse? I hate stripping line when the drag is tightened down and i hate the constant loosen tightening of the drag to strip line. Anyone have any ideas?

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    There are a few anti-reverse reels out there, but they ain't cheap.

    Vision makes an anti-reverse reel called the Varioverse that is pretty dang cool...not only does the handle not whack your knuckles, it serves as an active drag adjustment lever. When you start reeling, the drag goes to 60%, as it encounters pressure it keeps locking down until you turn the handle backwards slightly, backing off the drag. Awesome reel, but a bit on the heavy side and around $600 last I checked.

    Abel makes an anti-reverse BG3 for about $500, Marryat makes one called the plus for about $580, Tibor makes a few styles starting at about $550, Henschel makes a few models starting at $900, Fin-Nor and Islander both used to make them, they are worth 1K+ if you can find 'em, Daniellson (old loop designer) makes one for about $ get the picture.

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    The best I've seen for limited buxx is a Ambassador bait casting reel. Looks kinda funny on a fly rod, but with a little bit of a fighting butt on the rod it works just fine. As good a drag as any $500 fly reel, anti-reverse, and less than $100. No matter that you're using mono when flipping. Only thing a casting reel changes is the looks on the faces around you. Who cares when you're flipping.


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