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Thread: Placer River

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    Default Placer River

    With all the discussion on the 20 mile, I was wondering how many folks have run the placer, and how it compares to the 20 mile?

    With all these discussions I'm half tempted to get a river boat

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    I have been all the way to the glacier a few times and as far up Skookum creek as our boat would allow. This was yeeaarrs ago and if my memory serves me correct it is not as trick, skinny, or dangerous as 20 mile. Placer is a much shorter run but the water does get rough near the glacier. Not to mention the boat launch sucks! Also it is easy to get lost on the way back, I have ended up in the overflow a few times.

    I didn't find many good fishing spots, that's why we mainly explored the area.

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    Default Easy run

    Done the 2nd Placer Bridge or maybe it's called the overflow. Don't think I'd ever been so cold in April before, lots of snow and overflow, fell into my belt. It had a small water fall a little ways up that we had to pull this boat up thru. Saw bear and a wolf but always on the other side of the valley as luck would have it. Silver fishing is very good up there at the lake come fall.
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    Default Placer moose hunt

    I ran up the Placer in 98 w/a moose permit. Run up the overflow side, stay right (going up river) and make sure you go in/out on a high tide or you'll hit the 2 foot tall waterfall and then run out of water in the inlet. We sat about a mile out w/a moose onboard in the rain waiting for the water to return.
    A technical and fast little river, but fun.

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    Paul, thanks for posting this thread...I've also wondered about the Placer for both hunting and fishing. I've been reading the hunting regs to decide if there is anything reason I should head up there....the archives don't hold much on this river (from what I've read).

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    Default Moose

    How's the hunting up the Placer? I am trying to figure out where I may hunt this year.Drove thru there last fall and saw several boat trailers, does it get a lot of pressure?

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    Default Map

    For Humor a map, to explore we took snowmachines in to see what and where. You can get dropped off by the RR at Spencer, there is a huge raft float trip company up there and FS said they where going to add a cabin and new trails this year.

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    Default Placier

    Beg to differ guys. I have been going up both Placier and 20 mile for years and years. 20 mile is a piece of cake to go up. It has deep water, and basically only 1 main channel. Placier is a totally different story. Many channels, water on average is much shallower and it has several spots that become marginal in even close to low water. Both have good hunting (by permit) and fishing.


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