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Thread: Who's got a Kifaru Longhunter pack?

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    Default Who's got a Kifaru Longhunter pack?

    I was looking at a Mystery Ranch pack or a Kifaru Longhunter pack.

    Longhunter has like 3 pounds on the Mystery Ranch and from their website it looks like it will haul a load.

    Does anyone have experience with the Longhunter and have an opinion of the performance especially hauling a load.

    Has anyone used both packs? Which is better.

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    I have run a Longhunter for 3 years now and they are just great packs made to fit you by an American company that you can pick up the phone and call the owner, who by the way is an avid backpacker and hunter. Alaska_Lanche used to use the MR packs and now also uses Kifaru packs. You might consider their new Timberline series as they are more hunter oriented. My Longhunter will allow me to carry things I just could not with other packs, I know because I tried. Check out some of mine and Alaska_Lanche's post they all show the packs in action. Feel free to PM Alaska_Lanche and ask him about the 2. Kifura also has a site with tons of info and the owner Patrick is on the forum and will answer any questions you might have. For loads under 100lbs their ultra light packs are 3lb or less and are a joy to pack around.

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    I have one that I purchased used. I have only taken it backpacking 3 times. Each trip I had between 70 and 85 pounds in it. I like it and it is my goto pack for backpacking. For meat hauls I typically grab my cabelas frame pack (without the bag) and just use that.

    The long hunter is way more comfortable than my old cabelas frame pack - lots more....


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