Just a short diddy to remind the BOF that PWSAC does indeed enhance salmon for all user groups. I would hope you don't even consider the charter guides proposal that there should be mandatory com-fish closures in Main Bay and Ester hatcheries. They say its so they can have buildups for their clients, but we all know it's another ploy to hurt the lucrative commercial fisheries. This would be detrimental to not only the quality of fish, but it would insure many more hatchery stragglers swimming around lost, and possibly interfering w/ wild stocks migration. Fish migrate straight to the hatchery but if they're not immediately harvested they tend to stray away from the hatchery. There is plenty of opportunity to harvest sport fish in waters closed to commercial fishing such as inside the barrier seine and in the mouths of creeks. The reason for this proposal is plain and simply ill-spirited guides that have insatiable desires to see the demise of commercial fishing, no other reason. There is an onslaught of proposals from the guiding sector that are ludicrous and not beneficial to Alaska or Alaskans. Thankyou