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Thread: How much is a sonar unit needed for ice fishing?

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    Default How much is a sonar unit needed for ice fishing?

    Is a ice fishing flasher really that great of a piece of equipment? Will it really improve your catch rates?

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    If you are going to fish for Lake Trout I would say yes.

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    If you cant see your jig looking down the hole then they are great. If you can see it your fine without one.

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    Fishing deep depths, and if you dont want to fish blind, it will be great to use electronics. It will enable you to put your presentation in front of fish more consistantly than just fishing blind.

    Will it improve your catch rate? Yes, you will be able to see where the fish are and it will allow you to react accordingly with your presentation.
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    Having fished Harding Lake (which runs near 200 ft in some spots) several times blindly with absolutely ZERO success I would concur with Alcanron and TSS. Being able to mark fish in the water column was the only way I was able to pull in lakers and a monster char from the depths. On the other hand when I fish Quartz I can see (and Prefer) the bottom in the shallow sections and never use one there. After December the action gets slow there though and we prefer Harding. I just bought a Hummingbird ICE-35 and am itching to use it soon!

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    A flasher is a vital piece of ice fishing equipment if fishing a deep lake. If you are fishing in 140' feet of water, suspending your jig or bait at a given depth hoping a fish will come by is pure chance. Your success rate will greatly improve when you know where the baitfish are and where the fish are suspended at. So many times I have been jigging at a certain depth only to see a fish come through the water column at a depth above or below my jig and I could immediately raise or lower my jig to the fish and have a much better chance of hooking up. Also, to watch a fish rise up from below and head straight to your jig gets your adrenaline flowing like nothing else you can experience on ice. Once you use one and become proficient with it, you will never be able to fish without it in deep water.

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    Love it. Use it 10 to 1 over my underwater camera. Great tool!
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    Quote Originally Posted by alaskanassasin View Post
    Love it. Use it 10 to 1 over my underwater camera. Great tool!
    +1 I love mine as well.
    I have a Vexilar FL20 and last year the kid wanted to use it all the time.
    This year Mainerinak had an FL8se at a reasonable price so I bought it for the boy to use.
    Although I can catch plenty of fish without it I do catch more fish with it.
    Once while fishing My electronics told me the Kokanees were cruising just above the weeds and not on the bottom where I had been fishing. I found out a while later I was outfishing all 6 people who were not more than 50 yards away from me by 10-1. They were concetrating on the bottom and the majority ogf the fish were 3' off the bottom.
    Another time I was catching quite a few 12" and smaller fish off the bottom but the size was pretty consistently small on the Kokanees.
    I noticed a Large mark just under the ice on the Vexilar reeled up and ended up catching a 21" rainbow after a nice little fight.
    Just a couple of examples for you to ponder.
    Also I drill a hole and instantly know the depth and if there are fish present.
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