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Thread: Apeture sights...

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    Default Apeture sights...

    A few events have transpired recently that got my wheels turning...

    First, my reply to the thread about building a lightweight fire-breather for hiking and shooting to 150yds using apeture sights.

    Second is seeing some great pictures of some critters taken with an iron sighted lever gun out to some pretty respectable ranges.

    Third is acquiring a new .257 Wby. and upon looking at it- moved the scope and mount from my .300WSM to the .257- it already weighs a ton so there is no weight penalty there. After removing the scope and mount the rifle weighed almost a pound less and the balance and handiness was superb...hmmm.

    What about apeture sighting the .300 for a 6lb. rifle? I've shot apeture rifles to 250 yds before and that's getting out there about as far as I ever shoot anyhow. Admittedly, those experiences were years ago but shooting the rather crude open sights on my Alaskan at 100yds yields few difficulties. I can only imagine that a good set of apetures will extend that a fair bit.

    Will the handiness make up for the perceived handicap of open sights, especially in dim light? I had a couple of bad experiences with scopes and torrential rains this year. I had significant difficulty keeping the lenses clear of moisture on a couple of multiday hunts. A simple, rugged apeture sounds like it has a lot of appeal although almost no market in the present day.

    Thoughts? Types to install? Smiths who do significant open sight work?

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    i like aperture sights and use them general they are accurate & fast. truely, for most types of hunting an aperture sight is just about perfect. here is one on my "86 winchester, used to take an elk at 112yds. it worked great!

    the "95 marlin group is at 200yds...the low shot is from the 100yd setting. the following three fired at the 200yd mark ( sight marked while sighting in ). these are not unusual groups and a practiced shooter could probably do better.

    happy trails.


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