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Thread: new motor waterlogged.

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    Default new motor waterlogged.

    I made a mistake to dat and tried to beach in a surfy area. Long story short waves crashed over my new 2010 60 hp yamaha along with several moments that it was 1/3 submerged in water. The mechanic is closed tommorow and I am not sure what to do next other than pour fresh water over every thing. I Found sand particles collected in the bottom so I am afraid to try and fir up the engine. Thanks for any advice. I am afraid I will lose my motor but it is worth a try to salvage with only 15 hours.

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    Was the motor running when it went under water? You found sand in the bottem of what??

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    A mechanic was able to look at it and said that I lucked out and found no water in the oil and that salt water occasionally came in from the top of the cowling and trinkled down. And thats how sand got in there as well. I have been following his directions thus far on what to do. Thanks


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