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Thread: Chilikadrotna River

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    Default Chilikadrotna River

    Has anyone float hunted down from Twin Lakes on the Chilikadrotna River to the Mulchatna?

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    For what species?
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    Popular float
    I have done that trip several times, but not in the last 9 or 10 yrs
    used to be good for caribou and there were a few moose, but the mulchatna herd of caribou is gone now
    and The moose have struggled in that area
    Old Nicks place at Maribou landing has been purchased by Earl and Dan ,, friends of mine and that place is a good take out point on the Mulchatna .
    Fishing is fair for all species of trout and salmon, but realize that the Chili is way up river and the fish travel from DIllingham thru the Nush to the Mulchatna and then all the way up ... they are not fresh when they get up to the chili.
    beautiful float though and other than the river having a spot or two of heavy sweepers and log jams and a few fast spots,, its an intermediate float.
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    That's my buddie's stomping grounds and he's darned good putting people in the right spot. When you're private messaging abilities are enabled after you've posted enough, you should private message me and I'll send yah in the right direction. There are some very productive areas on that float.


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