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    We were just going to row ashore and shoot this buck from the beach but a herd of does and fawns stampeded up the hill spooking him up and over the hill! I figured that was it for this buck, but Nick wanted to pursue it, so he took off after it and I followed. We split up, he went up to the right I went up to the left, we met on top at about 500ft and about 200yds apart. I saw nick take off his carhart coat and disapear, then a shot, I lookup and he was shooting at a big buck about 300yds away on one of his shots I heard a thump and it jumped, I sent some round its way and it disapeared over the hill and thought geez now we got to go and look for blood! just then the buck came back over, thru the scope I could see blood on his shoulder and waited for him to drop, but he walked into some alders and nick shoot acouple more times and it walked out of sight but on our side of the hill. I cleared the round from my chamber and started up, I had one more shell for the new .270 win, a reload with a 130gr barnes set to 3100fps. I spotted the buck still at 300yds, but in a clearing next to alders, nick was closer but to the side and couldnt see him, I closed the distance to about 250 and yelled at nick that I had a shot but only one shell left, he yelled back and said he couldnt see him. I put the zies rapid 600 on 250 mark and went to the left one click for wind and sent my last round and the buck jumped and tumbled! we climbed up and found him! Nic claimed him, if it wasnt for nick I would have just let him go once he disapeared over the hill, deep snow, step hills, ducks to shot, etc.... Nick deserves this buck!
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    Thanks for sharing! Nice deer and should be great eating.

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    Man o man. Why on earth would you need to live anyplace else. Looking forward to getting down to see your digs. Maybe I can talk Razo into another trip this spring.
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