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    Default the wet stuff

    I thought that I would share a clip of my last hunt showing what it can be like crossing the wet stuff. I know that lot of lower 48 hunters have heard of it being discribed, but have never seen or experienced it. This can be some dangerous stuff. Not trying to claim to be an expert by any stretch, but thought that this would be helpful for those planning their first trip to the great state.

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    Tboehm, you made that look easy! I have to agree with you; walking in Alaska is not easy. My first trip I thought you could just go for a stroll in the woods..... WRONG!! The only easy place to walk in Alaska is some of the roads. Flat open feilds arn't what they seem; they are usually a mier of holes and clups of grass that will make your ankles and hips quite sore after a few yards. Don't go to Alaska and plan a nice walk in the woods.

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    Its quite a workout for sure and one always wonders just how deep it may be if you go thru! My first caribou hunt taught me the value of a walking stick VERY quickly!
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    How deep? I once punched through a muskeg 20 miles east of Bethel while working on a survey crew. I was carrying a 16' tall fiberglass level rod extended all the way out. I punched through and didn't ever touch bottom, I pushed off with the level rod just at the point my head went under. I basically climbed it back out of the hole. My instrument man said only 1' was showing when my head popped back up. So, 15' for the hole I fell in


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