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    Default Weather radios

    Does anyone use weather radios when out on a extended hiking/ camping trip , the ones that can get NOAA channels, do they pick up cross talk as well from other people in the area ?
    Alaska bound !

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    Post Noaa

    My little 2 mile range radios don't get much crosstalk; there just aren't many people usually within two miles from me, that are gabbin'.

    But they do pick up NOAA in the majority of the positions I'm in. NOAA has the best forecasts.

    Or if you're in cell phone coverage (program this number in) just call 266-5145 to get a good 411 on what will be happening soon - this report covers all of Alaska; follow their menu system for your area - and you can shortcut the menu system if you know your area/their-numbers, for example, when their recording starts, just dial 3212 and you'll skip all the verbose menu and go straight to the mat su forecast.

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    mine doesnt get any crosstalk that I have noticed.
    It is very nice to get a good weather forecast.
    I use it when we stay in places like Halibut Cove Lagoon as the mountains block the winds inside the Lagoon and it is nice to know what the weather in the bay is when I go to pull my crab pots.
    It is also nice to play the radio and get occasional news reports when on extended trips. You never know when another 9/11 will happen. I bet there was a lot of people who wished they had a radio with them in camp when that happened and planes didn't fly for a week and they didn't know why.
    I have another one that picks up shortwave(?) radio channels and it gets all kinds of radio talk from all over. I sometimes get people speaking Japanese and whatnot. It is only one way though so not really much help in an emergency.
    Mine is an Eton and I really do like it. It comes with a rechareable battery pack runs on regular AA's, and has a crank handle for emergenct use. The crank is a pain though as it takes a lot of cranking for not a lot of air time.
    I even use it icefishing at times to listen to some local news or music while fishing.
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