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Thread: James Dalton Highway?

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    Default James Dalton Highway?

    A friend of mine wants to come up this summer and fish along this road. I have never been in the territory, so it would be kind of exciting just seeing some new ground. But, it always comes back to the fishing doesn't it? It looks like it might be ok above the Yukon, but I read that these upper latitude natual stocks are more susceptiable to overfishing?

    Any thoughts on if this is worth doing? Are the fish in the road side creeks and rivers still plentiful?


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    Default Fly Fish the Dalton HWY!

    baja, There is real good fishing up there, there is a lot of place to fish for grayling,(Kanuti R., Fish creek, Jim River etc) take a variety of rods about anything from a 4 wt to a 7-8 wt, so you can fish the bigger rivers, but mostly you can fish the Sag River north of Atigun, theres big Arctic Sea run Char in there, I never fished the Koyukuk but have seen several anglers there. The best luck I found was Fish creek, you can park off the bridge there in the free camp area, its shallow and you can wade upstream quite aways there are some bears none i have seen bothered anyone, there are some pools in there that are full of grayling, you will see them in there....The Alaska Fly shop in Fairbanks can give you info....K


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