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Thread: Quartz Lake 22" Rainbow - 11-23-2011

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    Default Quartz Lake 22" Rainbow - 11-23-2011

    Went out to Quartz Lake today. My fishing buddies were working so this was a solo trip. Caught 3 small silver salmon and one nice 22" Rainbow. There was only one other party on the lake. I originally set up in an area that was a little too deep, so I moved after a few hours to a shallower part of the lake. I had a deadstick with a few salmon eggs and a piece of shrimp in one hole and I was jigging a small grubtail in another hole. The rainbow hit the deadstick so hard that he took the pole and the pole holder down into the hole. The only thing that held it was the fact the pole holder base was wider than the hole, otherwise I would have lost the entire rig. He made a few good runs and I was able to ice him after about 4-5 minutes. I had my camera already set up on a tripod, so I was able to snap a quick photo.

    Look for our report from Harding lake in the next few days. AlcanRon, JediMasterSalmonSlayer and myself are going to hit Harding for the first time this year on Friday. Happy Thanksgiving to every one.

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    Nice fish Jeff! Can't wait to get on the hard water when I get back. Taking the whole month of December off to relax after this 2 month work trip.

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    Very nice! It will be interesting to see what happens on Friday The new Frabrill suit I ordered will match your hat. I had a coupon and it was on sale so I had to buy it!

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    Nice job Jeff! Way to put it to work!

    Fish on!
    You know your not catching any fish when you start talking about the weather...

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    SWEET! dead stick uh...I like that shallow area. great catch!
    Jedi Salmon Powers Activated!


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