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Thread: A Huge Thank You to HuntAK (Kyle) and Mrs. HuntAK

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    Default A Huge Thank You to HuntAK (Kyle) and Mrs. HuntAK

    As many of you know, we just finished up the filming of a one hour pilot for a new reality TV show thats gonna air on a major cable network this spring. The show is about us working up here in Alaska and all the unique folks we deal with.

    One of the stars of this pilot was our own HuntAK (Kyle) and his lovely wife (as well as their kids). Kyle and his wife we real troopers and made themselves available on short notice for filming, including an epic trip to Kodiak where I heard that Mrs HuntAK popped two deer.

    By the way Mrs. HuntAk, you impressed a lot of folks with your hunting skills!

    Anyway, this just a public thank you to two really cool folks who are a privlidge to know. Kyle, when you are ready, come collect some thank yous in person

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    I've been waiting to see some sort of report from him. I'm glad to hear it went well....

    Maybe I could talk Hunt_ak and his wife into an autograph now that their famous. :lol

    Congrats to Mrs. Hunt_ak on the deer.

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    Wow, the ring bearer at my wedding 21 years ago is now a TV star!

    The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKmud View Post
    Wow, the ring bearer at my wedding 21 years ago is now a TV star!
    Better not post that pic, Mud!! HAHA!

    TV Star? Nah, I'm pretty sure I'll look like a usual

    It was a fun experience and we had to do some fancy logistical things with the kiddies and my work schedule. Hopefully they portray us as we actually are (although they can make us look any way they want to!) and not some 'super hardcore hunting family'.

    No prob, Ken! We did have a great time in Kodiak, although it was the most whirlwind trip I've been on! The rifle was sa-weet and Nicole absolutely SMOKED those two blacktail with it!!


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