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Thread: Question about Nikon Scopes

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    Default Question about Nikon Scopes

    Hi Guys, hope I'm in the right place. I had a Nikon 3x9x40, 15 yrs old, mounted on a Brn'ing 338 WM, go bad. I was headed to Colorado Elk hunting in three days. I put a new 3x9x40 Monarch BDC on the gun and zeroed it. All seem good until I tried to shoot in low light at long range, on 3x and couldn't see the Elk very well. The spotter scopes and bino's you could see just fine. Anybody have any experience with this scope? or maybe I'm just getting old. At home in Alaska I don't ever seem to shoot over 300 yards either.
    Next question I have is , they sent me a replacement scope 2.5x10x42 Monarch lll for the one that went bad . What do you fellows think about this one. Its made in the Phillippines. Would you put it back on the 338? Thanks in advance Tom

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    Default I have both scopes

    The 2.5x10 is a way better scope with much better light transmission. The 3x9 is a good scope but not awesome IMO I'd put the new one on and be good to go


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