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Thread: Boots-Overboots ?

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    Default Boots-Overboots ?

    Looking for ideas on overboots for backcountry in cold temps (-10 to -40). What do some of you folks use?

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    Dogwood Designs in Two rivers and Apocalypse Design in Fairbanks will both have good overboot options for you. You will most likley need to bring your boots in and have them custom made but they will work. You can get a lighter weight overboot at Fred Ramon's store in Fairbanks. They are made by Dogwood design as well but only fit over a normal ski boot. The lighter over boots keep me warm down to -30 in light boots. The heavy duty overboots will be too hot in anything over -10 (for me at least)

    These are good places to start if you live in the interior.


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