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    Default Boat / River Question

    What percentage of the river systems in Alaska can an 18' deep v be able to navigate? Also, would such a boat be able to do the full length of the Yukon? Susitna up to Gold Creek and the Nowitna and Chena? I just picked up a 78' Sylvan Sea Master. It seems to be a bit deeper then a Lund Alaskan of the same length..... Thanks for your info.....


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    Question 1: 35%
    Question 2: Chena - no; Sue - lower is fine if you know the channels; Nowitna - I don't know at all.

    PS. I am not very knowledgeable on any of these rivers and pulled the 35% out of my arse....

    If you want to drive your boat on the rivers, you should get a river boat. The sylvan is a lake boat.

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    The yukon yes, Nowitna yes up to the little Mud. I' hear it gets shallower past that but not sure how much. Up to the mud it was plenty deep in the main channel.

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    Yes you can run the bigger rivers, but the you will most likely find the boat lacking in capacity, particuarily in a full blown Yukon trip. Make it a one way trip and buy two canoes, connect with a platform and erect a wall tent, use a small OB to give some steerage, take 3 months and have a ball.
    Small flat bottom type boats work well on shallow rivers but lack capacity just like your 18 footer, 20 foot is minimum IMO for any type of a long trip. That being said, people have done things in all kinds of watercrafts that I wouldnt do.
    “Nothing worth doing is easy”


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