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    Is there a way to check and make sure that you are not listed as "Failure to report" on any of your previous harvest tickets before applying for the draw?

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    Yes go to the ADFG web page and go to the section to report tags. When you put your information in, it will show you all of your tags and the status of each. You can then file the reports online and recieve an email back confirming the filing.

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    Congratulations Dave, that was a quick and appreciated response.

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    Works great as long as you don't try to look up a youth hunter. Having no hunting license number and no D/L means that you can't find them without actually entering a permit number. If you enter a permit number, you have to go all the way through a filing a report before you get to the screen with all your permits and status.
    Just FYI since I don't have to worry about it anymore.
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