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    Ive fished out of Homer several times, but its been a while since I have been down that direction. From what I remember, the water can be as smooth as glass at times, and other times 8'ers are not that uncommon. I am thinking about taking my boat down next summer, its a 21' Hewescraft and heading out towards Seldovia. Statistically speaking, how often are there days that I couldnt make it out that far with my boat? Would I be better off to just hit a charter or a water taxi out that direction?

    I regularly take the boat out in Valdez and I have yet to have a problem there, but I know Homer can be a whole new can of worms. Thanks for any input.


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    I will preface my reply with the fact that last year was my first boating out on Kachemak. I did it in a 17' Achilles inflatable. You are right, the waves can pick up fast, but you just have to pick your days. The marine forecast isn't always accurate, but if you watch that closely and use your best judgement when you are actually there, you will be fine.
    Don't fail to take your boat down there out of fear. There are boats a lot smaller than yours that do it everyday.

    Good Luck

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    Hi Ron,
    I've been in Seldovia about 18 years and ran a charter boat from there 12 years. You are spot on the weather can change fast but usally you see it comeing or it forcasted. Pick your days and you will be fine. It seem some summers are great weather and others seem to be ruff. Early and late in the year are usally worse seas than 'july and the first week of Aug. Fish the tides and be very careful setting anchors in your boat, the current can be dangerious. Just remember this simple rule fish don't swim up and down, so if the waves are 5' your baits will be going up and down= poor fishing so why fight the weather. For planning don't cross too close to pogy point when the tides are big and at tide change. The bay tends to build in the afternoons if the wind blows all day. If you can't ride out fairly confortibly you won't be able to fish. All the big bays offer safe water if you do get caught, go in and wait it out. Seldovia being the best, food and lodgeing and airtaxi to homer if nessary. Tom If I can answer any questions just PM Me.


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