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    I have been planning on doing a sheep hunt for several years now. For one reason or another it just hasn't worked out, (job, babies born, other hunts, etc.) I am now going to be moving out of the state late next year and I am finally going to get to try for a ram before I become a non res. I am not sure where to start looking into. I have the funds to fly out somewhere. I am young and in shape. If you knew you had only one chance what would you do or where would you start your search?

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    I think standard operating procedure is: apply, then don't draw anything, then go to the Brooks.

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    I do the opposite as the draw hunts are a total krap shoot and cannot be relied upon!

    When planning a hunt I spend dozens and dozens and dozens of hours of reasearch which include talking to different Area Biologist's, air taxi operators, hunters I know and pouring over the maps and reports on the ADF&G website.

    As far as the mountain range to hunt, that's a tough one as it depends alot on personal preferance, but if I was doing my very last sheep hunt I think I'd probably pick the Brooks as it is a special place to "ME".

    What kind of ram are you looking for??? That may play a part into the mt range you choose as well.

    Time is ticking and your behind the curve a bit as far as planning is concerned, maybe a hunt planner might be a good investment for you. AOD's Michael Strahan or Larry Bartlet might be able to help out.

    After getting a good plan together then apply for the draw and if your lucky and draw a permit then scap plan A for plan B.

    -Good luck


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