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Thread: AR-15 Question (Buffer & Spring).....???

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    Default AR-15 Question (Buffer & Spring).....???

    If I put a rifle length upper on a lower that came with a "Mid-length" system......does the spring need to be changed....??? And what damage could happen....???

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    The buffer and spring length is dependent on whether you have a carbine length buffer tube or a rifle length buffer tube. The upper receiver and barrel length don't play a part in determining the buffer and spring. If you have functioning problems with the correct buffer and spring, usually with a short 14" or 10" barrel, sometimes that can be corrected with a heavy buffer, but that shouldn't be the case with what you have.
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    Thanks, I was just worried that mounting a rifle length system upper on a mid length lower, might cause the bolt to slam back too hard and damage something.

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    If I understand correctly the rifle length gas system should have less delivered energy to the buffer than a mid length. Either way, if it functions you are good to go, no risk of any damage.


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