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Thread: Rookie Trapper...saying hello.

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    Default Rookie Trapper...saying hello.

    I know, the last thing you all want to read is that some newbie is out there trying to trap your furs. But I'll be honest, the chance of me getting anything is slim to none.

    Plus, I am trapping on my own lot, so there isn't much chance that I will take anything away from you all.

    In all seriousness, I just wanted to say hello. I am targeting Ermine and Mink right now, at least that is what I think I am doing. I live out Funny River, right off of the Kenai, so I am hoping I might get something down by the bank.

    I made some box, 5gal bucket, and milk-jug sets for the ermine and mink. I am using long call lure.
    I need to get some hares to use as bait, as I hear they are good bait for ermine.

    If you have any... "If I gave you one piece of advice..." type of comments, I would love the advice!
    Also, if anyone needs any help this year, on the Kenai, let me know, I would more than love to tag along and learn something!

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    hi there rookie. welcome to the forum. I am not what you would call a sessoned professional either but have found a new enjoyment in trapping since being first exposed to it by a friend a few years back. This is only my second year on my own but I have already bagged two Martin and an unlucky porcupine (fun removing from a snare). I wish you all the luck in the world and though I am north of Eagle River, if I can help just let me know.
    Hunt, Fish and drink beer with friends.........because life is to short to work all day.


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