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Thread: Brass Magnet review with pics (net for catching brass at range)

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    Default Brass Magnet review with pics (net for catching brass at range)

    Anyone other than me tired of picking up brass?

    I recently heard of a net that you lay out to catch brass at the range. Clever idea I thought and addressed a problem many of us deal with on a regular basis. Initially I was skeptical about the price for what I was getting, but not after using it today.

    This net is constructed of a very high quality material and has weighted handles on four corners and two along the long sides (shape is rectangle) which hold it securely in place. This would work well in the most windy of conditions if needed, but also makes the net lay taught to the ground in other "normal" conditions.

    The Brass Monkey comes in a very high quality bag. I saw the video on the net and noticed they dumped the brass into a 5 gallon bucket. I may just use a 5 gallon bucket to store the net in all the time. This makes for easy collecting of brass. Just lift the four corners and dump all brass into the bucket, then throw the net inside the bucket and go home.

    Once I placed the net and adjusted it one time in relationship to where I was shooting, it collected about 90% of the spent brass. I just walked around at the end of my shooting time and threw the few that missed on the net. Slick little addition to my shooting gear.

    At any rate, just wanted to let folks know about the product in case they had not seen it and confirm it is of the highest quality. The material will last a very long time I am sure and the quality of the handles, which are weighted, are very high quality as well. Should save me some back pains over the years to come.


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    I wish they'd make something that would fit a Glock. It is always exciting to have a red-hot .40 case drop down the shirt, or even better, hit the forehead and stick, or my prsonal best: have that case fall down behind the glasses and cook an eyelid.

    The FAL is bad for tossing brass, but at least it lands in one spot. I need to make something that'll let them fall down instead of 15-feet away.
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    I took an old 4 dip net hoop and added legs so it would stand then made a net form window screen. I stand the thing up next to me and it does a great job collecting brass from my autos. Next one I build will be a rectangle from PVC that I can collapse and roll up in the netting to transport.
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