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    for those with the big james bay,what are you using for a trailer? Is there a regular bunk boat trailer that is relatively light weight that would work.

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    I use a 5400 series King (because that is all I could find here). Itís overkill but I didnít need to extend the tongue and the bunks go all the way to the transom. The 2100 series E-Z Loaders are good for the weight but they need such a tongue extension that they lose side-to-side support if you hit a pothole. The 3100 would be a good choice or maybe the 2800 if the side struts come out far enough. They both need tongue extensions. Order a long 10í piece of matching galvanized tubing to replace your tongue rather than use the bolt on extenders. I donít trust them. The tongue bolts on so all you need to do is drill matching holes on the 10í tubing. If you donít plan on salt then just make you own. Be sure your bunks support the transom. A 200 pound motor might damage the transom if it hangs off the end of your trailer. Someday I want to build a 24í Tolman Skiff. The 5400 will be perfect for that. I will then build my own homemade trailer for the JB to just be used in fresh water. Scott at Kanoe People might be able to get you one that will fit. Maybe E-Z Loader would custom make one. Pat at Scott Canoes might have an answer for you.

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    Just took a quick moment to check the site when I sell a James Bay I have acess to Easy Hauler trailer they are made in North Bay Ontario these people custom make a trailer for the Hudson bay and for the James Bay I recommend model 2455TB or 2465TB thess are both bunk trailers and they are a bit of over kill but I think its better to have a little over than under, There is a dealer in Alaska I just do not know who it is


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