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    Time to comment to f&g about netting lakers in Lake Louise. They need comments submitted by 5pm the 18th of Nov. Proposals to limit netting of whitefish and incidental take of Lake Trout are going to a meeting of the Board on Dec. 2nd. The department, ADF&G, is telling the board that only 30 lakers were taken last year by subsistence fishing nets. If you have any evidence to the contrary, or even just an opinion to the contrary, let them know! Is it right to encourage release of mature lakers in the sport fishery, restrict the harvest to 1 fish, then turn a blind eye to nets that are harvesting dozens at a time? There's another thread in the management forum.

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    Could you enlighten me a bit w/o making me research this subsistence matter? The info I read off here from you guys I run w/ as gospel truth. I can't be reading the lies published in documents it confuses me. Aw heck I'll ask, was it the russians?

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    Way to give us some heads up there Steve-o

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    Quote Originally Posted by fullbush View Post
    Aw heck I'll ask, was it the russians?
    Of course it was.

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